Recycle, Reuse, Re-Purpose

My family and I love each-other but don’t share many traditions or common practices except for one… recycling and reusing our consumables. It’s not just about doing it because everyone else is, it’s about doing it because we need to in order to show our love for our global family and our home we call Earth.

Here are 3 ways you can re-purpose or up-use discarded items and even make money from doing it.

Israeli metal-smith, Yoav Kotik makes funky jewelry with bottle caps.

Millennium Chandelier made from over 1000 exploded party poppers by Stuart Haygarth.

Rubber Band Necklace
By Margherita Marchioni of Italy

Check out a brief video for more ideas on Re-purposing your throw-away-ables.

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Featuring Nadira Hamden

I have chosen to show a comparative between two photos by two famous photographers and my agenda-laden visual re-interpretation.

Below is an image put together piece by piece by Simon Johan. The foreground, the bears, and the background were photographed separately and made into a composite image using Photoshop to express what became “Untitled #152”.

Untitled #152 by Simen Johan

"Encroaching" by Leslie Sanchez

In an interview with Johan by reporter Roseecrans Baldwin of the , Johan had this to say about this piece and his collection “Until the Kingdom Comes”;

“When working on an image, I strive to create tension and confuse the boundaries between opposing forces, such as beauty and brutality” He also stated, “ I often feel like I am attempting to reconcile the irreconcilable as I explore the paradoxical nature of existence, its simultaneous abundance of beauty and horror”.

My interpretation on the right explores the duality of are animals encroaching on us or have we encroached upon them.


In the next set of images, photographer Dyan Marie’s photo from her collection “Canadian Experience/Experience Canada”. Here I have observed er use of eliminating identity of the individuals in the shot but leaving their surroundings to express a link between the city life and the beauty of the natural surrounds that Canada offers it’s inhabitants and how the inhabitants can live in both worlds without much effort.

By Dyan Marie, from “Canadian Experience/ Experience Canada”

In my interpretation, I have eliminated the individual and left the surroundings to give a sense of relation to the age group that the image is referencing. I have added visual references that suggests the individual’s inner surroundings that plague their  relation to their own world. Even though we can see the person’s plights in the image, the reality is very unlikely or with ill-ease that another individual will  be allowed access to those thoughts or feelings of another.


Inside By Leslie Sanchez

Cruelty Going Whole Hog

Farmed pigs being moved to their transport for slaughter. What happened to hurding?

My motto is “awareness is a choice” so choose it! For years now the media has been uncovering dire conditions where live stock; cute cows, pigs, and chickens have been born or placed into deplorable industrial raising and slaughter farms that toss, mutilate, and over crowd these wonderful animals for us to purchase at the grocery store and eat later on. Before you turn the page remember, awareness is a choice and even if you don’t have money to donate to deconstructing such hanus animal practices you can read, watch, and learn then make your own choice at the supermarket.

I didn’t think cruelty was an issue because, like many, I assumed this sort of thing couldn’t happen. Of course there are regulations in place. The government wouldn’t allow animals to suffer would it? It’s against the law right? How naive.” (Quote from:

Why we shouldn’t abuse animals
Animals have been placed on this earth alongside and with humans. Due to our intellect, we ended up being the dominant species. We have learned to use animals to make our lives easier and more pleasurable. We use them for food, clothing, transport, protection, entertainment and companionship. In return, humane treatment is the least we can provide (

                 7  Reasons to think before you buy Iowa Farms Products                            
Mercy for Animal’s investigation uncovered:

1. Workers grabbing piglets by their fragile ears or legs and throwing them across the room and slamming them into transport carts.
2. Workers tattooing sows by repeatedly driving sharp metal spikes into their flesh.
3. Sows with untreated rectal prolapses and deep, infected sores and scrapes from constant rubbing against the bars of their stalls.

Rectal prolapse of a pig in a confined space due to industrial farming. Just another day on the farm...Courtesey of:

4. Workers cutting off piglets’ tails with dull pliers and castrating them by ripping out their testes with their bare hands – all without anesthesia.

Clicking on the image for direct info.

5. Thousands of pregnant pigs confined in two-feet wide metal stalls so small that they could only take one step forward or backward and could not turn around or lie down comfortably.
6. Injured, sick and runt piglets being tossed into overcrowded gassing kill carts, slowly suffocating from CO2.
7. Workers firing steel rods into sows’ heads, sometimes as many as four separate times, before the sows fell and died.
Courtesy of:                                                                            

Some Brands to avoid when hitting the market:

Popular supermarket brands that lead the market in animal cruelty.


Happy and friendly animal  alternatives include:

Happy mom and her piglet.
Thanks to:
  • Buy fresh meat from your grocery butcher then freeze it. But ask them where they purchase their stock from.
  • Buy organic/ Free range meats at your grocery butcher, farmers market or local farm.
  • Whole Foods Grocery Market frozen and fresh
  • Find a local farm near you. To locate one go to:
  • To locate an organic, animal and health friendly grocer go to:


For further reading on how to become aware and choose alternatives for happier animals please visit the links below.


Opening Day!

Greeting and salutations!

I created “same as it never was” as a vehicle to share my thoughts, desires, and moments of hysteria about how humanity is compromising amimal health, ecological stabilization, and human welfare in the name of money, religion, and modern sprawl.